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Plant Health Care

Cultivating Your Landscape with Proper Plant Health Care

We all want healthy-looking plants on our property. At Xanderbuilt, your plant health care is our top priority. Because we treat a variety of trees, each with their own growth pattern and maintenance, we tailor all our services to adapt to the needs of your trees. With native plants suited to the climate and soil conditions in Indianapolis, identifying the issue is not always straightforward. Properly diagnosing and pursuing the best method of treatment prevents damage to the tree and surrounding areas. Our certified arborists provide free evaluations before beginning the process so you know the method of treatment we think best. 


First and foremost, to have healthy trees, they need healthy nutrients. To promote the health and vitality of plants in residential and commercial landscapes, we study and diagnose the root issue. With Indianapolis soil lacking beneficial nutrients, our team can advise you on the best method of getting nutrients into your tree. Even without a free evaluation, we advise regularly watering your trees and shrubs, especially during dry seasons to ensure adequate hydration.


Periodically monitoring your plants is the best way to ensure they have the proper care. Especially after a storm, it is important to check for broken or split tree limbs. If these are not addressed, the split will grow and be harder to remedy. 


Fertilizing your trees should be a very common maintenance practice due to some of the nutrients required for optimal growth. However, over-fertilization can lead to nutrient imbalances and negatively impact the plant’s health. Our experts can create a fertilizing schedule for your shrubs/trees so they can stay vigorous.Keeping plants thriving allows them to fight off disease or drought whereas a weak plant might succumb to the harmful environment.  In severe cases, a direct trunk injection of a particular nutrient can be used for a more immediate effect. 


Each situation is unique when it comes to pest and insect pressure. At Xanderbuilt, we create individualized programs that address the issues at hand. We assess, diagnose, and treat for a variety of different issues within our plant heatlhcare division using the most up to date research and recommendations. Our certified arborists will not only help you with diagnosing problems but treat them personally as well. For each disease, we treat the tree based on severity, location, and the type of environment it lives in.  Pests and diseases attack trees that are already stressed. Contact us today to help find the root issue as well as treat these secondary pressures that might be afflicting any specimen.