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Certified arborists on a mission to create the highest level of tree care, backed by education and research, offered with honesty and integrity.

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For healthy-looking trees, you need qualified professionals. As qualified and certified arborists, we specialize in the cultivation and care of trees and shrubs. Keeping the whole property impact in mind, our team utilizes modern and industry specific equipment to ensure each project is safe, effective, and as efficient as possible

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Why Choose Xanderbuilt


Serving neighborhoods in greater Indianapolis and surrounding areas, Xanderbuilt focuses on the overall health of trees by being your trusted, certified arborists. Our work ethic stems from our love of arboriculture and a desire to teach our clients how to effectively treat, maintain, and grow their trees. At Xanderbuilt, our team consistently strives to improve our education and our skills in order to provide you with the best service in the industry as is possible. We make it our job to put your trees in the best position possible to maintain their health and beauty, while protecting your home and other investments. This way, we deliver quality and specialized services at a reasonable price to our community.

Meet Our Team of Certified Arborists

Xanderbuilt is a family-owned, family-operated tree service helping local neighborhoods with their overall tree and plant health. Xanderbuilt Tree care has been in business in the greater Indianapolis and surrounding areas for over 25 years with employees who have been in the industry for even longer.Your trees are living assets to your property and our expertise and experience will be essential to help these assets thrive in an urban environment.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services for trees which many others do not offer. We treat each tree and situation on a case-by-case basis, addressing the root issue to ensure that it thrives in your yard. Through detailed assessment and individualized treatment plans, we make recommendations for the ultimate care of your trees according to current industry standards and research.

Whether the tree is dying, overgrown, potentially hazardous, or just in the way, we utilize multiple techniques to prevent and reduce property impact to your yard and surrounding structures.

To treat your trees as living assets, our certified arborists provide trimming and pruning to your trees, as recommended in conjunction with your objectives.  We will do so in a manner that is effective, safe, and healthy for your trees.

Often trees require supplemental support systems to reinforce structural soundness and prevent, as much as possible, failure of at-risk portions of your trees.

A service we provide that is not often available through other tree care companies, we can provide a service called “root collar excavations”  or “air spading” to trees that have root issues, improper planting, soil decompaction in the critical root zone, and other problems that you may not immediately notice underground.  We feel this is one of the most important services that can be offered to almost any tree.

If you are in the planning stages of building a home or any addition/structure, trees can often be an afterthought.  It is essential to consult with our arborists to help make specific plans around any existing trees there may be.  This will go a very long way in ensuring your existing trees are protected from construction damage as much as possible. 

We are available 24/7, 365 days a week to respond to your emergency storm damage and help protect your home and your family.

Your Plant Health Care

Our individualized plant health care programs are designed for the needs of the client with the preservation of the trees and shrubs in mind. As the urban environment is not conducive to the ideal living conditions for trees, having proper help to make them thrive, survive, and battle the many pressures they have against them is crucial to a healthy looking yard. Our team of plant healthcare technicians and certified arborists are here to give your trees the helping hand they need to achieve this goal.

What Our Customers Say

Joseph Lehner
Joseph Lehner
The guys at Xanderbuilt are easy to work with and professional. They cabled a number of trees for us and I'm definitely glad we did that as the trees did well during a recent storm, unlike many belonging to our neighbors. They also did trimming and tree treatment/ injections. I love our trees and they do too-
Matt C.
Matt C.
Xanderbuilt Tree Care does amazing work. We had huge sycamore tree that they cleared out from tree top to trunk in less than day. Their crew were polite, professional, and outfitted for the work - safety stands out. Their equipment is top notch, as my wife said, “Wow, they mean business.” Strongly recommend if you have a tough old tree. When they left, you couldn’t even tell a tree or they had been there.
Joseph McL
Joseph McL
Our small back yard had 2 very tall trees that were decayed and hazardous. Xander's crew (4 men plus much equipment) arrived on time. They listened to our concerns and protected the yard while bringing in the equipment and removing the trees. After doing some general pruning on the remaining trees, they cleaned up so nicely you would not have known they were there. All in all a very satisfying experience. I don't know if they are the cheapest, but I can say we will be using them again if the need arises.
Cliff Birdsell
Cliff Birdsell
Had two large locust trees that were getting unruly with some storm damage in the crown. Xanderbuilt performed crown reduction… not just lopping off the upper 10’ but carefully selecting limbs to eliminate and shaping the crown. This was an arborist at work not just a guy climbing around the tree whacking away. Very pleased with the result!
Ellen KIng
Ellen KIng
60 MPH Wind blew large tree over into other large trees, in a very complex area and difficult to get to top of tree blown and caught in other trees. Mike did a great job and there was no damage to the other trees. Came out day after damage by wind since there was potential for more damage. Fair price and great crew and clean-up. Left everything in great shape, cleaning up everything. Always would use Xanderbuilt 100%
Rich Mayer
Rich Mayer
Xanderbuilt removed numerous aged trees from my property and grinded up many old stumps. From the initial estimates to clean up they were highly professional. They took great care to ensure quality work. Will use their service again if needed.
Jill Sachse
Jill Sachse
Xanderbuilt did a great job for us! They were friendly and professional. They came out quickly when we were in a pinch because our tree fell in the driveway just a few days before I was due to have a baby. They had a great crew and equipment to remove the debris and take down what was still standing very efficiently and safely. We were very pleased and impressed with their work. I would highly recommend Xanderbuilt.
Ed McHenry
Ed McHenry
We were having a bad windstorm this past Sunday and one of our large pine trees was being uprooted with a good possibility it would fall into our house or the neighbors. Xanderbuilt was out within a couple of hours to inspect and by two hours later, the tree had been totally removed and cleaned up. I've never had such good service. The people who came out were neat and clean looking, the trucks and equipment were newer , neat and clean. The people were very good talking to a customer.,..all the things I have mentioned are signs of a good company! Thanks again!

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